The Magdalen
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For close to two thousand years,
Humanity has been misled and lied to by a cherry-picked “New Testament”—a hodge-podge of re-hashed myth and legend, garbled history, misinformation and misunderstanding, outright fabrication, and crushing male bias—all patched together by the victors in the struggle to control the “sheep” of “The Kingdom,” and put forward as “reality” over the centuries by apostles, priesthoods, rulers and governments corrupted and consumed by arrogance, and by the lust for power, riches, and control.

For too long, Christians have drunk the blood, eaten the flesh, and gazed with perverted pleasure upon a gory “death” that supposedly relieved them of any need to accept responsibility for their own deeds.

The Magdalen’s time has come. Truth’s time has come. Meet your friend, Jesus, who you can truly love, even adore, for the first time in your life. Laugh with him, love with him, dance with him! Sit beside him and learn of the true god All That Is.

Then witness the confusion that gave rise to the two-thousand-year debacle that we call “Christianity.” Understand that the message was supposed to be Joy. And allow Jesus to come down off of that cross.

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